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I offer short-term therapy (typically lasting between 10-12 sessions), and long-term therapy (open-ended) sessions in Camden & Angel and face-to-face, as well as online sessions, are available.

Sessions are held on a weekly basis, at the same time each week unless arranged otherwise. Each therapy session lasts for 50 minutes and sessions start on the hour. My fees are based on the type of therapy offered and when.​


Assessment session: £60.00

On-going sessions: £70.00 (Mon-Fri)

On-going sessions: £80.00 (Sat)


Assessment session: £90.00

On-going sessions: £100.00 (Mon-Fri)

On-going sessions: £110.00 (Sat)

EMDR is an effective and well-researched therapy approach for individuals who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD) and is a NICE recommended therapy for PTSD.

I offer short-term EMDR sessions typically between 8 - 12 sessions. However, this can be longer if clinically agreed, for CPTSD or multiple traumas. 


Assessment session: £80.00

On-going sessions: £90.00 (Mon-Fri)

On-going sessions: £100.00 (Sat)


Please, get in contact with me for company / private organisation tailored services.


  • I do not accept payments via insurance companies.

  • I accept cash payments and bank transfers only.

For the initial assessment session, a £10 holding deposit will be required prior to the session via bank transfer, which will be deducted from the cost of the initial assessment session.


I understand that life does not always go to plan. However, if you need to cancel your session please note that late cancellation fees may apply.


What are your objectives for therapy?


If you only have one issue you want to exclusively focus on, short-term therapy might be best suited to you. However, if a deep exploration and awareness of yourself, understanding of how your past has influenced your present-day patterns of thoughts, behaviour and feelings, and you have several areas you want to focus on, deep-rooted or long-standing difficulties or simply aren't sure what you want to look at? Then Long-term therapy is the one for you.

Short-term Therapy VS. Long-term Therapy

Short-term therapy is often called brief-therapy or time-limited therapy. It is a type of therapy that is suited towards individuals who have a distinct goal or only have one issue that they may want to exclusively focus on.  Due to time limitations, short-term therapy sessions are more structured. The zoned in focus that is accompanied by short-term allows focussing on just one area of psychological health, such as patterns of behaviour, negative thinking or relationship dynamics.

Long-term therapy has less of a ridge structure as its open-ended nature allows the process of seeing what emerges between the clients and therapist and work in this way. Or the client may decide what they want to look at and focus on during each session. Long-term therapy can accommodate extremely difficult issues or a number of difficulties/issues. With its in-depth exploration of the past, developmental history, attachments and how interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics may influence or effects your present-day behaviours, thoughts and feelings. Long term psychotherapy, therefore, can be particularly helpful when experiencing deeper-rooted problems.


Initial appointment​

In a way, the first session is a mutual assessment session. By this, I mean that you may be assessing me during this session, as you might be trying to decide if I am the right therapist for you. At the same time, whilst working therapeutically and with some therapeutic inventions,  I am assessing and gathering information from you to understand how we can best work together.


In the first session, I will ask you some biographical details; important historical events in your life;  past difficulties and important life events that you may be willing to share at the point. I will ask you about your current difficulties and what has brought you to therapy at this point, as well as gathering a sense of your fears and overall goals/aims for therapy. Our initial session will also give you an opportunity to ask me any questions you might have, and for me to tell you about my approach and practicalities of therapy.

On-going sessions

There is no obligation to commit to therapy after our initial appointment session. However, if you decide to continue therapy after your initial session we will go into more depth regarding your current difficulties and work towards achieving your goals from therapy.

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